Saturday, August 20, 2011

ENetwork Chapter 7

What is a characteristic of a logical point-to-point topology?

  •     The media access control protocol can be very simple.
What are three characteristics of valid Ethernet Layer 2 addresses? (Choose three.)
  •     They are 48 binary bits in length.
  •     They are considered physical addresses.
  •     They are generally represented in hexadecimal format.
What two facts are true when a device is moved from one network or subnet to another? (Choose two.)
  •     The device will still operate at the same Layer 2 address.
  •     The Layer 3 address must be reassigned to allow communications to the new network.

What is a primary purpose of encapsulating packets into frames?
  •     facilitate the entry and exit of data on media
Which options are properties of contention-based media access for a shared media? (Choose three.)
  •     non-deterministic
  •     less overhead
  •     collisions exist
What is the purpose of the preamble in an Ethernet frame?
    is used for timing synchronization
What is a function of the data link layer?
  •     provides for the exchange data over a common local media

What statements are true regarding addresses found at each layer of the OSI model? (Choose two.)
  •     Layer 2 may identify devices by a physical address burned into the network card
  •     Layer 3 represents a hierarchical addressing scheme

Refer to the exhibit. How many CRC calculations will take place as traffic routes from the PC to the laptop?
  •     8
What is the primary purpose of the trailer in a data link layer frame?
  •     support frame error detection
Which sublayer of the data link layer prepares a signal to be transmitted at the physical layer?
  •     MAC

Refer to the exhibit. A frame is being sent from the PC to the laptop. Which source MAC and IP addresses will be included in the frame as it leaves RouterB? (Choose two.)
  •     source MAC - Fa0/1 on RouterB
  •     source IP - PC
What is true concerning physical and logical topologies?
  •     Logical topologies consist of virtual connections between nodes.


Refer to the exhibit. Which statement describes the media access control methods that are used by the networks in the exhibit?
  •     Network 1 uses CSMA/CD and Network 3 uses CSMA/CA.
Which three factors should be considered when implementing a Layer 2 protocol in a network? (Choose three.)
  •     the geographic scope of the network
  •     the physical layer implementation
  •     the number of hosts to be interconnected
What is true regarding media access control? (Choose three.)
  •     Ethernet utilizes CSMA/CD
  •     defined as placement of data frames on the media
  •     Data Link layer protocols define the rules for access to different media
A network administrator has been asked to provide a graphic representation of exactly where the company network wiring and equipment are located in the building. What is this type of drawing?
  •     physical topology
Which statements describe the logical token-passing topology? (Choose two.)
  •     Computers are allowed to transmit data only when they possess a token.
  •     Electronic tokens are passed sequentially to each other.
What determines the method of media access control? (Choose two.)
  •     media sharing
  •     logical topology

Refer to the exhibit. Assuming that the network in the exhibit is converged meaning the routing tables and ARP tables are complete, which MAC address will Host A place in the destination address field of Ethernet frames destined for www.server?
  •     00-0c-85-cf-65-c0

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